We bleed

It''s a pain unforgettable for all whose conscience is alive

Dr Syed Muhammad Fazlullah (IAS)
Srinagar, Publish Date: Apr 24 2018 12:07AM | Updated Date: Apr 24 2018 12:07AM
We bleedFile Photo

What to write about the torture that this hapless victim of Kathua underwent. A moment to lament for all conscientious human beings.

The 11th April 2018 issue of ‘Greater Kashmir’ noted. ‘Starved, drugged and gang-raped’. This crime is the mother of akk crimes. She was kidnapped…a crime. She was drugged by the predators to be unconscious…a crime.  She was starved for days together...a crime. She was incarcerated in a temple….a crime. These hefty men laid their vulturous hands upon her … a crime. They called their kin from other states to join the rape drama…crime. They fulfilled their lust on an unconscious eight-year-old child….a crime. They killed her by strangulation, and continuous bashes upon her innocent head by a cruel rock….a crime. The mother of crimes shattered this innocent child, and her corpse was lying in heaps of garbage and dust showed the signs of disfigurement and eternal pain inflicted upon it! It was enough to make every unit of humanity weep and lament.

But alas some politicians stood by the side of the predators and in a first, Congress and BJP stood by the side of the rapists and assassins. I knew one of them very well, and could never imagine before that he would love standing by the side of the culprits. Now, we witnessed a U-turn and Congress forwarded a candle-march in the national capital to dramatise that they are on the way to condemn the mega-crime, after seeing the mood of the people, who bleed.

The humanity has been thrown to shreds when the perpetrators raised the tricolour as their standard, and a shield against the crackdown;  when Salathia, the Jammu Legal Bar Association President awakened the people, that it was flag now, but it could be AK-47 in the hands tomorrow. His professional, intellectual and human bankruptcy is lamentable. The crime-monger verdicts his own end, by ignoring toughest acrimony that she and her ill-fated parents had to endure. 

We were yet mourning the grief of Zanaib (6 years) of Qasur, Pakistan, who has fallen prey to a similar behaviour by the lust-worshiper assassin, when her parents were in the Holy Madinah, performing pilgrimage. On this crime, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Saqib Nisar and his wife had fainted. He facilitated the quick arrest of the culprit. We have every reason to expect the same here.

The poor innocent girl didn’t even know what rape was. She was frightened at first but she saw her death naked before her eyes. When all this happened, the wild animals of the jungle also fled to a safe corner, weeping and crying.

The girl is crying and shrieks are resounding. She lives in the memories, she is in the hearts of millions of shattered humans. Justice should hug this child’s soul whose body was rendered to the morsels of the lust of the blood-thirsty ‘animals’ and whose life was stopped to go ahead of eight years.

May your soul rest in peace. 



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