War of words

This war of words exposes many contradictions and hypocrisies

Er. Rasheed (MLA)
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 17 2017 11:14PM | Updated Date: Nov 17 2017 11:14PM
War of words

The statement of Pakistani PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claiming that independent J&K is not an option, has created a war of words between various stakeholders and individuals. While pro-resistance leadership lashed out at former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah for rejecting the option of independent Kashmir and claiming Autonomy to be the only solution , Omar Abdullah took Geelani to task for not condemning Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s statement. However, there is no reason and logic to denounce and condemn Shaid Khaqan Abbasi as he has spoken nothing new. His statement needs to be read in the context of Pakistan’s consistent policy on Kashmir which claims J & K to be Pakistan’s jugular vein and has a clear roadmap to achieve that goal by seeking right to self determination on both sides of LoC. Omar Abdullah has every right to ask Mr. Geelani questions of his choice but he or someone else should not forget that why should Pakistan dilute its stand if New Delhi rejects every solution even within the ambits of Indian constitution. Even if Farooq Abdullah’s sermons of claiming Autonomy to be the only solution is applicable and acceptable, but he doesn’t have a roadmap to achieve it for the reason that Farooq Abdullah has already unsuccessfully fired the last bullet by passing the autonomy resolution through the assembly but New Delhi has not given even a damn to his proposal. Both Omar Abdullah and Geelani have raised many harsh and fundamental queries and questions about each other and their points carry due weight. Omar Abdullah is very right in asking Geelani that why was Mr. Geelani contesting elections while late Sheikh Sahib was fighting for Right to Self Determination. Geelani Sahib is duty bound to either own his historical blunder or must explain the logic behind then contesting elections and now calling everybody traitor except himself. If Geelani Sahab justifies his contesting elections for the reason that he claims to have raised voice for Kashmir resolution and never went after power politics, then he must differentiate between those speaking in New Delhi’s tune and those seeking right to self determination at the floor of the house against all odds and Geelani too needs to shun hypocrisy. But Omar Abdullah before condemning Geelani should answer that what happened to plebiscite movement of his grandfather for which he made Kashmiris to suffer for decades. If Omar Abdullah wants Geelani apologize for contesting elections at a time when plebiscite movement was at its peak then it is evident that Omar Abdullah should believe first himself in Sheikh Abdullah’s ideology of plebiscite. Plebiscite movement has no scope for an independent Kashmir so if Omar Abdullah condemns Geelani and others over Abbasi’s remarks that independent Kashmir is no option then he must first condemn late Sheikh sahib for seeking plebiscite and weakening Azaadi sentiment. If he wants Kashmiris to condemn Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for opposing Azaadi option, he must also first subscribe to the idea of Aazadi. May one ask Omar Abdullah if Abbasi deserves condemnation for opposing the idea of independent Kashmir, why Omar Abdullah should not condemn his father Farooq Abdullah who also, like Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, outrightly rejects the idea of Azaadi despite spending good time with JKLF leaders including Maqbool Bhat; and later sending him to gallows. It needs to be understood that while Mr Abbasi opposes idea of independent Kashmir only to avoid confusions, Farooq Abdulah says so to add to the confusion by diluting the Kashmir cause with the slogan of autonomy. One more thing that needs to be understood is the fact that while Sheikh Sahab enjoyed huge public support all over the state Geelani could hardly manage to win his own seat, as such Geelani not following Sheikh Sahib would not have any significant impact on plebiscite movement. The way Geelani is accountable for all sacrifices made by Kashmiris from 1990 till date, late Sheikh Sahib would always continue to be questioned for all the miseries of Kashmiris, and the killings that took place from 1947 till date. Let Omer Abdullah and Geelani Sahab not chose timing of their choice to speak truth and let both of them understand that Kashmiris as a nation have given them much more than what they deserve. But in return the leadership has always failed them and forced masses to shut their mouth. 

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