The Tragic Cost of Freedom

Since 1968 guns have killed more Americans than all US wars put together

Dr. Muzaffar Shaheen
Srinagar, Publish Date: Oct 19 2017 10:04PM | Updated Date: Oct 19 2017 10:04PM
The Tragic Cost of Freedom

The shooting spree  once again raised its monstrous head in the United sStates, this time in Las Vegas, predating on more than 59 people, and many more critically wounded. Men and women, all innocent and peaceful citizens of a nation which is engaged in the much hyped “war on terror” and would not hesitate to wage murderous onslaughts on Afghanistan, Yemen, parts of Libya, Somalia, Syria and Iraq, carpet bombing the Muslim land, classified by them as terrorists, ironically continue to define the American native whites (white wolves) killing scores of people in pleasure shoot outs, simply as haters and the psychopaths. While the unrestricted and unlaced freedom in the Western part of the globe is directly responsible for paving way to the heart rending incident that took place in Las Vegas, the commoners in America are dumbfounded to see such a tragic cost being paid for the freedom. The blessing has become the curse, even though the US law makers do not seem to be bothered much about the lack of gun control laws in their country. In today’s hyper -civilized West what prompts the law makers to ban is Bikini (a full swim suit covering the whole body, used by the Muslim women in France) and what rattles them is full face veil by the Muslim women, which is decried and perceived as a latent threat to human freedom as defined by them, in terms of their westernized outlook. The open sale and thereby the open use of firearms resulting in mass massacres, time and again, needs no legislation to be banned, is ironical, even to their own citizens.  In point of fact, the gun violence is becoming an indispensable part of the Post-modernized America and the Americans seem, all the way to continue paying heavily for the 21 century America’s unbridled and uncurbed freedom. As revealed by the American media reports, since 1968 Guns have killed more Americans than all US wars put together. In my childhood I used to hear people calling the Pakhtunwa –Pathans as ‘Khar Pathans’ (a ludicrous Kashmiri phrase to ridicule their idiocy ) opening guns at each other over petty issues, but the Americans like Stephen Paddock who kills people apparently for no issue, deserves  a position  even below. By the textbook definition in America’s law, killing of people is an act of terrorism, but the President Trump would not mind the guide lines of his country’s law book. He calls the atrocious deadly attack simply as “pure evil” and the law enforcing agencies ruling out this incident to be an act of terrorism, owing to the fact that Paddock was not a Muslim, and that the act was not politically motivated. Had the shooter been a Muslim, ISIL or Al-Qaida had to be blamed for sure and the attacker would have been defined as a terrorist. In today’s America many things are banned by law, including some chocolates for children, considered harmful, unpasteurized milk, huggies and Mirabelle plums ,all considered hazardous for public , but guns are not banned. A Gunman shooting indiscriminately at people, killing scores of them and then commits suicide, is in no way less than a suicide bomber, who gets killed himself along with several others targeted and which would stir the hornet’s nest and  eventually prompt all European Nations, at times to envisage cluster bombing of a non-European country under the banner of NATO.  The World’s most democratic nation, America, undoubtedly, is harbouring enemy, may be apolitical, more from within than outside as a result of the democratic right of freedom, more so for Gun manufacturers, marketers and the Mafia behind. Over the past several decades, Jews, let me not forget to mention, have prolifically risen to the top in firearms trade across the US. This lobby is a powerful one, having direct influence on America’s economy and the political class. The horrific  and the most deadly shooting in modern US history, although, has prompted renewed calls for gun control in a country where it is incredibly easy to purchase firearms, but it would once again turn to deaf ears, as expected. Obviously, the present day America’s idea of freedom has protected the interests of Gun trade mafia under the cover of freedom.

Dr. Muzaffar Shaheen is Associate Professor, SKUAST-K.


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