Kashmir needs one more Sheikh Abdullah

…… so that we are free from the mess we are in

Khalid Isaac
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 20 2018 12:00AM | Updated Date: Nov 20 2018 12:00AM
Kashmir needs one more Sheikh AbdullahFile Photo

Kashmir has been facing leadership crisis since long. The people who emerged as leaders during the past thirty years just added to the confusion and couldn’t muster courage to lead the people from the front.   

One of the tallest leaders, who emerged as the voice of people, in Jammu and Kashmir was late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. He realized the futility of the plebiscite movement and took a bold decision of joining hands with the union of India. His decision to be a part of the mainstream politics ended the conflict in Kashmir and opened the doors of education, employment and development in the Valley.

Late Sheikh Abdullah as a leader realized that Kashmiris cannot fight with a power like India and if they choose the path of confrontation it would lead to nothing except destruction. As a visionary late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah asked the people of Kashmir to concentrate on education and other activities which could make their lives easy and would help them in securing the future of their forthcoming generations.

The National Conference founder, who was popularly known as Sher-i-Kashmir, made it clear to his people that reconciliation is the only way out and if they don’t reconcile they would end up losing everything. Till Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah was alive people followed him blindly and outrightly rejected the people who preached separatism and sedition. Lakhs of people attended his funeral prayers and entire Kashmir bid him a tearful adieu.  

It was after his death the people with the separatist leanings appeared on the political arena of the Valley. They slowly started spreading their tentacles in Kashmir. They are the ones who brainwashed the Kashmiri youth and made them pick up the arms. The ones who emerged as leaders and sold dreams to the people of Kashmir have turned the Valley into a battlefield. The illusions which they thrived on just proved to be mirages. During the past thirty years Kashmiri youth have become cannon fodder and only graveyards have come up in every nook and corner of the Valley. 

The people who claim to represent the sentiment in Kashmir need to explain what they have achieved by encouraging bloodshed and killings in the Valley.  Many people believe that Kashmir needs one more leader like Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who can pull them out from this uncertainty and confusion. Late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah had a quality that he used to consider himself as one among the masses and used to remain connected with them. Common people were his eyes and ears. During all his life he remained connected to the ground. He always led from the front which left his lieutenants with no other option but to follow him.

People of Kashmir are waiting for a leader who can come forward and tell the hate mongers that Kashmiris are fed up of violence and killings and they need a respite. Maximum people in Kashmir want to live a peaceful life and want to do something for their children. Unfortunately the present generation leaders, lack courage and have no guts to call spade a spade.

Politicians, who represent the mainstream parties in Kashmir have to be clear in their thought and perception. They have to draw a line and tell the people that guns, stone-pelting and shutdowns won’t take them anywhere. They have to give up the appeasement policy and “bite the bullet.”

After the death of late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah his detractors left no opportunity to prove him wrong and blamed him for Kashmir being in the mess. But the time has proved that late Abdullah was a great leader, who sacrificed everything for the sake of his people. He wanted Kashmiris to remain alive and live a peaceful life. He wanted them to study and shine in every field. He provided people with jobs and other opportunities to make their lives better. He ensured that central forces, including Army, just remain confined to the hinterland. But all the initiatives, which he had taken stand reversed, the so-called leaders, who promised Azadi and Pakistan to the people, during all these years are themselves looking for exit route but are finding it hard to tell the people that they have failed and late Sheikh Abdullah was right and had a vision.

Still everything has not been lost. Kashmiri leaders need to take cognizance of the sufferings of their people and tell them what’s good and what’s bad for them.   



(The writer is member of JK Youth Alliance)



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