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The mass drugging of US troops is one of the most underreported scandals of the modern era

Moosa Khan
Srinagar, Publish Date: Oct 11 2018 10:51PM | Updated Date: Oct 11 2018 11:06PM
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Although there has been quite an influencing hegemony reflected by the USA throughout the epoch. Whether it is structural or cultural soft cornered hegemonic approach to create a psychological impact in the world. Indeed reports of the passing hegemony are greatly exaggerated. However it’s plausibility is quite doubtful. Each Memorial Day the United State is inundated with patriotic zeal, war documentaries, ceremonies and speeches honouing the men and women of the military service.  Politicians and corporations expound on their support for the veterans.

Yet contrary to all this flag waving not to mention President Obama’s pledge that he will not stand for mistreatment of the veterans on his watch, the lives of veterans are fraught with inattention and insecurity and even harassment. Large number of vets are impoverished, unemployed, struggling with depression and experiencing substandard treatment by the department of Veterans Affairs. One third of the all homeless American homeless are veterans and many military vets are being prescribed with questionable drugs . The broader health care issue facing many vets where many of them lack access to even basic medical service . In mid 2014 an audit of 731 medical facilities by VA revealed that more than 57 thousand new patients had been waiting for more than 90 days for an initial appointment. About 64 thousand who had not been enrolled in the system for up to a decade still had not seen a doctor.

The long delay veterans face exacerbate many existing problems in some cases even lead to death . 53 vets died a day just waiting on their benefits in 2011. It was an egregious mismanagement, a culture of corruption that was allowing all these executives to give the impression. In Albuquerque vets suffering from such ailments such as gangrene, heart disease and brain tumour .

Yet these vets are forced to wait 4 months for treatment .

In 2014 the scheduling clerk at the Phoenix veteran association told CNN that for the better part of the year she was ordered by superiors to manage a "secret” waiting list of those vets seeking medical attention and would remove the "deceased “ notice on dead patients to conceal the number of vets who died while awaiting treatment . This demonization of vets have resulted in inappropriate use of forces on the part of many police department. The case of Jose Guerena who served two tours to Iraq. Guerena was killed in 2011 after an Arizona SWAT team kicked open his home with “No knock “ policy during a mistaken drug raid and opened fire. Though Guerena had no prior criminal record and the police subsequently found nothing illegal in his home. Again in 2014 62 years old veteran was killed tho was an army vet to whom SWAT fired 12 rounds. It’s no surprise that when it comes to medication and drugs they face additional problems. The vaccines routinely administered to US troops are one of the concerns in particular the fact that the vaccine contains squalene which is an organic compound originally derived from shark oil and also used as an adjuvent to immunization of vaccines .

Squalene is also found throughout in trace amount in human brain and nervous system. Dr Anders Bruun has written particularly on squalene; the average quantity of squalene into the US soldier abroad and at home in the anthrax vaccine during and after the gulf war was 34.2 micrograms per billion micrograms of water. Proffesor Garry was the first to discover the connection between gulf war syndrome and squalene .

Exposing soldiers to harm off the battlefield is nothing new. Around four hundred thousand suffered the effect of debilitation amounts of radiation during nuclear bomb testing. After that President Clinton publicly apologised for the experiments.

The mass drugging of US troops is one of the most underreported scandals of the modern era with soldiers not only being used as Guinea pigs in a brave world of pharmalogical experimentation but also having their rights stripped as a result . According to reports from Veterans for America US

troops are being forced to take drugs like Prozac for anxiety and depression though they can’t refuse also . While it is clearly evident that PTSD ( post traumatic stress disorder ) is a serious problem in the US military but it’s also apparent that the new and dangerous drugs being prescribed to soldiers are only making the problem worse. Often addicted to prescription medications upon returning home, veterans are forced to visit psychologist who diagnose them with mental disorder, continue to prescribe them drugs till the tragic consequences.

This leads to the death. And eventually after service they are deteriorated and deprived to such an extend that they are even branded as potential terrorists by their own Govt when they return home #inside hegemony begins  


Author studies at Jamia Millia Islamia , New Delhi



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