Hurting the Muslim sentiment

Donald Trump explains the whole story

Hassan Zainagiree
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 14 2017 10:34PM | Updated Date: Dec 14 2017 10:34PM
Hurting the Muslim sentimentFile Photo

In defiance of the overwhelming global opinion and in utter disregard of the religious and emotional sensitivities of over a billion Muslim population—that makes more than fifty member states of the United Nations—the President of United States, Donald Trump, has last week recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel  and ordered ‘ immediate’ shifting of American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The man in the White House, ever since his assuming power, has, in sync with his Islamophobic image he got identified with during the election campaign , bared his venomous fangs against Muslims. He banned Muslims from six countries entering America despite strong resentment from just-minded people in America. He could not, rather would not, differentiate ordinary people from the ruling class. Every terrorist  incident involving a Muslim, unlike terrorists from other faiths, he would label it to Muslim community. The xenophobe in him would not derive pleasure unless a tweet or two he would not post in degrading Muslims and demonizing Islam. The ‘poker player’(Guardian remark) has thrown all the caution to the winds while taking the unilateral decision.

He brags he did what other American presidents before him could not and did not. In 1995 when Bill Clinton was President, the Congress passed Jerusalem Embassy Act. The Act recognized the holy city as Israel’s capital. But international realities, in line with American interests, restrained them from implementing the Congress legislation. All the Post-legislation American Presidents-- Clinton, senior Bush, junior Bush and Obama—opted wisdom to valor. The law demanded them to sign a waiver every six months and they did that till the time American people chose to experiment with the man who loves to lead Americans more by his pathological obsession than the collective interests of the country. His nominating his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a Jew, as Middle East envoy, shows the peculiar affliction he is suffering from.  Kushner is co-director of a foundation that raises money for Israeli settlements in Jerusalem. His role in funding the settlements is considered illegal under international law. 

President Trump talked of ‘accepting the realities’. He said that Jerusalem is already home of Israeli parliament, Supreme Court and Prime Minister’s office. But this is a smoke screen under which he wants to hide his roguish intent. Extremely miserable way the US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley got cornered in the Security Council on the issue.  US stood isolated—none of the 15 member body, not even her closest allies Britain and France supported her. Muslim world is aghast. Even Pope has criticized the Trump.

The US decision is in violation of the Security Council resolution and is detrimental to the efforts of promoting peace in the region. Willy-nilly the Palestinians were preparing themselves to reconcile the existence of the Jewish state they considered illegitimate and akin to stabbing dragger in the chest of Arab world. They were veering to admit the Two-State solution whereby  eastern Jerusalem( that houses Baitul Maqdas, the Qibla Awal of Muslims) would be the permanent capital of the new Palestine state and the western part of it becoming the capital of Zionist state. President Trump’s reckless decision has sabotaged the plan that would have heralded peace in the region. The status of the Jerusalem, like the issues of Palestine refugees, settlements and borders has not yet been determined. The powerful European Union holds the constant position that status of Jerusalem should be determined through negotiations between Israel and Palestine and until that materializes it wont recognize no sovereignty over Jerusalem.

It is in place to mention that  Zionist state owes its creation to the sinister designs of US, Europe and then Soviet Union. The demographic change of Palestinians affected through massacre, arson and forcible migration resulted in first Arab- Israel war of 1947. Israel occupied western part of Jerusalem. In 1967 the 6-day war between Arabs and Israel, the east part of the Jerusalem was also snatched by Israel from Jordanian forces that till that time retained its control. Israel  called Jerusalem its ‘eternal capital’. Israel brought more than two lakh Jewish  people from different corners of the world and settled them in what was  once an overwhelmingly Arab majority area. Today Arab comprise only 37 percent of Jerusalem population. They are not given full citizenship rights. They live with residence permits which can be revoked. Surrounded by Jewish enclaves they face segregation, discrimination and hostile atmosphere. In December 2016, the United Nations reaffirmed that Jerusalem Palestine territories were under ‘hostile occupation’.

The provocative decision has severely dented US credibility and undermined its position as an honest broker between Palestine and Israel. In all its nakedness the US under Mr Trump has put all its weight behind the Zionist state. Still in all its brazenness Washington claims that the Trump’s controversial decision will’ facilitate peace’ in the region. While Zionist state rejoices the decision, Palestinians are out on the streets to respond with ‘days of rage’. That surely will culminate to ‘years of fury’. Which will spill over beyond the region. After all Jerusalem (Alqudus) is our Qibla Awal, the third most sacred place after Harm-e-Pak and Masjidi Nabvi. And world cannot be stable in harming the sentiments of over a billion people of the world.       


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