Good words, but.....

…..will the PM walk the talk

Er Rashid
Srinagar, Publish Date: Aug 18 2017 11:55PM | Updated Date: Aug 18 2017 11:55PM
Good words, but.....File Photo

On eve of Independence day Prime Minister Narinder Modi offered his wide open arms to Kashmiris and claimed that neither bullets nor maltreatment but embracing them would resolve Kashmir issue. Though every single word of Prime Minister means a lot, but when it comes to Kashmir words seem to have lost their meaning and relevance, as from Jawaharlal Nehru to Narinder Modi every Prime Minister has promised a lot but done nothing to get J&K out of the huge uncertainty.

Playing with the words has definitely helped New Delhi from 1947 till 1989 but afterwards things changed and armed struggle rendered words meaningless from every side. Human blood, precious lives and huge economic losses cannot be compensated by beautiful words unless they get transformed into action and reality. The least PM Modi could have offered Kashmiris on Independence Day would have been to ensure that no one on earth could touch the special status of J&K.

But he preferred to play with the words and unfortunately few Kashmiris wasted no time in praising Modi, which however is their right. From Modi’s words it seems New Delhi as usual wants to manage a status-quo and communicate to the world community that they are on the job to reconcile with Kashmiris. On expected lines Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti welcomed Narinder Modi’s statement. Madam Mehbooba had few days earlier claimed that Modi Ji has assured her about protecting Article 35-A and Modi Ji’s words on independence day have added to Mehbooba Ji’s confidence and argument. However the million dollar question is still unanswered that if the matter being subjudice and centre openly revealing not to defend Article 35-A by submitting affidavit in its defense in the Supreme Court, why should Chief Minister mislead Kashmiris.

In case Supreme Court decides in favor of the petitioner seeking abrogation of Article 35-A, Mr. Modi and his team can cry innocence by saying that nothing was in their hands as the matter was decided by the Supreme Court. Mehbooba Mufti can’t be so amature that she cannot understand Modi Ji having let her down by not defending the case in the Supreme Court. However, if Supreme Court verdict favors J&K she will take credit not only on her behalf but on behalf of Prime Minister also. It is astonishing that when Kashmiris should have been eagerly waiting for something called out of box like solution from Mr. Modi, they are busy in defending whatsoever they have in their kitty. Pro resistance leadership also needs to introspect that what circumstances created a scenario where Kashmiris have to beg to protect something within ambits of Indian constitution.

Those calling everybody a traitor for taking oath to uphold Indian constitution and not sparing even common masses for casting votes, are now taking pledge to do everything to defend Article 35-A of the same Indian constitution they have been  abusing all these years. It doesn’t mean that one should snatch from pro-resistance leadership the right to defend and protect Article 35-A but whatsoever is happening from Supreme Court of Indian to Omer Abdullah’s residence at Gupkar should be like an eye opener for pro resistance leadership and they must not simply run away by accusing New Delhi for some serious failures which Kashmiris as a nation should own.

Those expecting New Delhi and its institutions to treat Kashmiris as V.V.I.P’s and care about their rights are living in fool’s paradise. New Delhi is doing what it is supposed to do and when pro-resistance leadership having huge mass support doesn’t believe in any reconciliation with New Delhi within Indian constitution, one should not be surprised if New Delhi leaves no stone unturned to force Kashmiris to go defensive.

Modi Ji’s lollipop to Mehbooba Mufti and her colleagues may give them few more days to live in the world of presumptions and assumptions but it is the common citizen of J&K who at the end of the day has to pay for the utterances, mistakes and exploitations of the army of leaders Kashmiris have created during all these years. Let me conclude by appealing leaders of various streams in J&K not to overestimate their worth, as praising New Delhi or Islamabad has changed nothing at the ground except squeezing space of Kashmiris in the current political spectrum and forcing them for shameful surrenders from time to time.