Dichotomy: Of denials and detentions

We have been gradually left rootless, roomless and lifeless

Syeda Afshana
Srinagar, Publish Date: Oct 21 2017 10:38PM | Updated Date: Oct 21 2017 10:38PM
Dichotomy: Of denials and detentionsFile Photo

Due to the recent security concern and scare in valley, one of the prominent schools of Srinagar issued a mandatory circular directing that the parents must accompany their children in the morning to the school bus, and receive them in the evening at the designated bus stop. The advisory further read that if parents fail to escort their children to the bus in the morning, they would not be allowed to board. Similarly, if parents will not receive their children in the evening at the bus stop, they would be brought back to the school and the parents will have to pick their wards from the school later. This alarming concern of the school authorities for their students is genuine. It is surely meant for the safety of our children. More so, when the state of affairs here has literally crossed even the abysmal limits of chaos, confusion and crime. Besides, it also reflects the worst ever anarchic situation that is emerging in Kashmir. No politics can defend the scandalous pandemonium in which our children are growing. Braid chopping, robberies, kidnappings, lynching, immolating, stoning, rioting and shielding—these are the events our children are witness to! We are wordlessly watching them navigate an increasingly bewildering environment. Imagine the insecure and creepy wicked world they construct in their thoughts and internalize quiet silently. It is extremely traumatic.       

Where are we actually heading? The scenes in Kashmir appear more spectral. Right now things have become so baffling and mysterious that the actual politics about the actual issue has got plastered with a pack of propaganda from all sides. The query remains as to whether people here can afford this contemptible chaos with clinging to the killing threads of misplaced optimism. And that too, when air of obscurity shrouds and confounds every aspect of critical state of affairs here. 

The big question also is whether each happening has to be terribly torturous and brutal, with previous ones turning historically vain and oblivious. There is little point in striking our heads against walls or stones, and feeling betrayed. The fact is that our present is vandalizing our past. The sponsored lumpenization of all sorts is thriving in all aspects. We have been gradually left rootless, roomless and lifeless. We cannot hark back to anything sans message and moral. We are so helpless in nurturing anything for the future. Times are turning scary and sinister for us.

What more scary and sinister than the news reports trickling in nowadays from Kashmir. A son of an auto-driver from poor family is pelleted for chasing suspected braid choppers in his locality. Wahid has lost vision in his right eye and police claims to have no record of any protest or pellets fired by them in the locality that fateful day. Shift to the news of ‘swift action’ by police for arresting around a dozen persons who tried to immolate mentally deranged Waseem after taking him for a braid chopper. 

Wahid and Waseem are the sons of the soil. Both are the casualty to conflict. Sufferers of unjust situations. Notwithstanding the phraseology used by different cast list, both have fallen victim to the hypocrisy and hoax played over them. 

Both the incidents smack of the dichotomous situation in Kashmir that is highly disastrous and mournfully devious in nature. In one case, FIR is lodged too speedily with all kinds of legal sections and all accused identified in no time, and some of them are even apprehended. In another case, a young boy gets blinded and no lawsuit is filed due to the non-availability of record and any such occurrence is blatantly rebuffed. 

Such vicious cycle of unabated malice and mercilessness, of selective denials and detentions, is gradually snowballing into a serious disaster. 

Bottomline: Movements are shaped by many moments. And if the moments turn fatally fearsome, ferocious and fixed, every revolution draws a rumpus. Whenever such a kind of anarchy rolls up in any society, it needs to be treated as a distress signal. A forewarning; a buzzer of a menacing situation! Calling people to shutdown their daily business is simply too vain and trifle a strategy to counter the escalating bedlam. Addressing criminality and conspiracy is as important as looking honestly into unheard phenomenon of vigilantism and kangaroo courts surfacing here to rupture yet another face of dichotomy. 


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