Friday Focus: The marvel of seven heavens

…the phenomenon is explained by presence of magnetic fields

Dr. Javid Iqbal
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 7 2017 10:34PM | Updated Date: Dec 7 2017 10:34PM

It is enshrined in a Holy Verse that there are seven heavens, and of earth a similar number:

‘’It is God Who created the seven heavens, and of earth a similar number’’ (65:12)

There are several other Quranic Verses with similar import:

‘’It is He Who created the seven heavens, one above another [tibiqan] (67:3)

‘’He lifted Himself to heaven, and levelled them seven heaven with order and perfection; and He has perfect knowledge of all things’’ (2:29)

‘’The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein declare His glory. There is nothing that does not proclaim His praise and thank Him, yet you do not understand how they declare his glory. He is All-Clement, All-Forgiving’’ (17:44)

‘’Have you not regarded how God created the seven heavens, one above another (in harmony)?’’ (71:15)

‘’We have built above you seven firm heavens (firmaments).’’ (78:12)

‘’We have created above you seven paths, and We are not heedless of creation.’’ (23:17)

The cosmos represents diversified concentric magnetic layers. The magnetic fields recede into infinity of space, these are as follows:

1. The spatial field we constitute with the solar system {the ‘First Heaven’}

2. The spatial field of our galaxy [The magnetic field sculpting the core of the Milky Way]  {the ‘Second Heaven’} 

3. The spatial field of our ‘Local Cluster’ of galaxies {the ‘Third Heaven’}

4. The central magnetic field of universe represented by collectivity of galaxy clusters {the ‘Fourth Heaven’}

5. The cosmic band represented by quasars {the ‘Fifth Heaven’}

6. The field of expanding universe represented by receding galaxies {the ‘Sixth Heaven’}

7. The outermost field representing the limitless infinities of the universe {the ‘Seventh Heaven’}

 This then is the marvel of sevenfold heaven, as stands treasured in Holy Quran 14 centuries back.


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