Friday Focus: Good deeds take away bad deeds

…reward of the virtuous is never wasted

Dr. Javid Iqbal
Srinagar, Publish Date: Nov 15 2018 9:20PM | Updated Date: Nov 15 2018 9:20PM

It is ordained that good deeds take away the bad deeds, and the reward of the virtuous is never wasted:

‘’Perform the prayers at the borders of the day, and during the approaches of the night. The good deeds take away the bad deeds. This is a reminder for those who remember’’ (11:114) 

Prayer duly performed at the start and close of the day and during early hours of night constitutes the good deed. Prayer is the remembrance of Allah (SwT) the creator. It amounts to paying obeisance. Besides, prayer is meant to tread the right path, hence a good deed. The result accruing from good actions will efface the ill effects of faltering, if any in the run of life. Prayer is thus the great balancing factor. The divine advisory to pray, in effect taking the right path and do good deeds, is a reminder for those who remember. And, once what is ordained is practiced, it becomes a virtue. It holds a reward, which is never wasted:

‘’And be patient. God will not waste the reward of the virtuous’’ (11:115)

The reward of the virtuous may not be instant, however it will come. The divine promise holds that the reward of virtuous will not go waste. Patience as such is itself a virtue, and it is said that Allah (SwT) is always with the ones, who are patient. The ones who practice patientence are called, ‘Sabreen’ in Quranic idiom, and are highly valued, ‘’Inn Allah-Ha Maa-al-Sabreen.’’ The ‘Sabreen’ are duly awarded at the appointed hour. The virtue is recorded and rewarded. The virtue, as already noted ((11:114) lays in regular prayer at the appointed timings-- close of the day and during early hours of night.  



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