Peace has a chance

We all have a duty to work for peace and prosperity of our people

Tahir Syeed
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 20 2018 10:18PM | Updated Date: May 20 2018 10:18PM
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By asking security forces “not to launch operations during the holy month of Ramzan in J&K”, the Government of India has given a new hope for peace returning to the trouble torn state. The ceasefire announcement is not a peace initiative but a way forward to realise lasting peace, if followed by some serious political process. 

The efforts of the Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti bore fruit, and it is the victory for the peace-loving people of the state. It will provide people a relief in the holy month, and those who would continue with their policy of confrontation will get exposed.

The policy makers in Delhi have, finally, understood – military strategies only can’t help in addressing issues.  It is through the gestures of love and sympathy that we can win over the people. They have taken a very bold and difficult decision, and it must pave way to end violence in Kashmir. 

Now, the ball is in the court of separatists, militants and Pakistan, and they should respond positively to the peace initiative, if they really care about people. They must see the writing on the wall, and come forward with open frame of mind and help in giving the people some sense of relief. The people have suffered immensely, and they deserve to live in peace!

The collective wisdom calls for end of violence from all sides as its continuation is weakening the cause of people. If gun was any solution, the Kashmir would have been resolved three decades back when every street was dotted with gun wielding young men. It didn’t achieve anything at that time; neither would it do in future. Only sufferings of people will increase if it doesn’t cease.

The new disturbing reality in Kashmir is – the young-men are again picking up gun, or resorting to violence, and it should make us all worry. Whatever is happening is going against the interests of Kashmir. The youth who believe that it is only through gun, or stone they could get justice to Kashmir, are grossly mistaken. No denying the fact that there are not issues in the state, but there can be better ways to make the point. Violence is no solution. 

Fact is that the youth in Kashmir do not come on roads to fight for day-to-day issues, but there is a deep resentment and alienation.  The more there is delay in ensuring justice, the more difficult the situation may turn, and this is what the political leadership of the country must keep in mind.

At the societal level, too, we need to denounce violence and stop our youngsters from picking up arms. We must make them realize that they need to live to lead. Civilised societies achieve their goals when they live for it, death is no solution. We must stop glamorising the gun and work for the means to save our youth. If we continue to encourage violence, we will have nothing to save for future.

If necessary steps are not taken,  time is not far when our future generations will curse us for being partners in filing graveyards than building the prosperous and progressive society. We have to be realistic and give the youth hope.

It is unfortunate that the people, who pitch for reconciliation, either face public wrath and are called “Collaborators”, or are labelled as anti-national. Amid all this chaos, the radicalised elements are taking the central stage and are provoking people on religious and emotional grounds against the state. That is a very dangerous situation.

It is with this concern; the Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti convened an All Party Meet to build a consensus for unilateral ceasefire in Kashmir. Fortunately, her proposal has been seen in broader perspective by New Delhi, and it must now follow with some serious and meaningful engagement with every section of the political spectrum.

There is no doubt that the PDP after forming the government in coalition with BJP in the state, took lot of pro-people and developmental initiatives and resolved the long pending demands of different sections of the society.


Many schemes for women empowerment were launched; offered amnesty to the youth involved in stone pelting and protests. It even insisted Government of India to appoint a special representative to start a political process in Kashmir.

At the same time, there are elements in Kashmir and outside Kashmir furthering their agenda while putting more fuel on fire. And they see their prosperity more in the graveyards than in the living society. They can be defeated only when GoI takes some bold and imaginative measures to address the internal dimensions of Kashmir.

Need is to win hearts and not to triumph over the dead bodies. Serious efforts have to be made to bring the youth into mainstream. Everyone must contribute for that.  And, in case we failed to achieve this objective we may continue to count the dead-bodies. That, certainly, Kashmir can’t afford!


(The author is Media Analyst for J&K Government in Chief Minister’s office. Views are personal)




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