Night Operations at Airport

Greater Kashmir
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 20 2018 9:59PM | Updated Date: May 20 2018 9:59PM

Recently an announcement was made that the DGCA, the Central Authority looking after airport operations had given permission for night operation by Civilian Aircraft at Srinagar Airport. This facility would definitely give a boost to tourism. Apart from that the connections to international flights starting from Delhi would be easier. While it is a welcome announcement yet there are many other deficiencies in the Airport which need to be looked at on priority. Some of the minor ones include absence of waiting facilities for people receiving or seeing off passengers, the cleanliness of toilets and so on. However, the most annoying is the pre-security check. In a recently concluded Conclave on Tourism, a travel agent observed that the entry to the city of Srinagar is quite smooth for the tourists coming by air. However, their exit from the same airport is a nightmare! The time taken for security checks almost one kilometer before the Airport Terminal is frustrating.

In regard to airport security, the most elaborate but really annoying security procedure is supposed to be at the US airports because of 9/11. However, the Srinagar airport security even surpasses that! Srinagar Airport is probably unique in the sense that complete security check of the baggage as well as passengers is carried out on the road leading to the terminal building almost one kilometre short of it! This pre-airport check is a real bother. The usual security procedure which is everywhere followed before entering the airport terminal and boarding the aircraft in different airports in the country and abroad is replicated even before reaching the terminal. The annoying part is the wait for the check. Because of the rush of passengers there are mile long queues of vehicles and sometimes people have to wait in their cars for an hour or so. No doubt this pre-airport check has been necessitated by the attempted storming of the airport by armed persons some years back yet there is need to streamline the procedure to prevent harassment to outgoing passengers. It was reported sometime back that vehicle scanners are being deployed at this point which would eliminate disembarking of passengers for individual personal search and scanning of their baggage. It is not known what happened to that measure? Have these been installed? If so, why are these not being used? If not installed yet, these need to be procured and installed as soon as possible. The Chief Minister while presiding over night landing operation meeting had announced earmarking of Rs. 3.86 crores for various facilities. It is hoped that these would take care of all deficiencies including those of the annoying security checks?


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