Lodestone and Iron-bar

My artificiality has already taken over in the world, replaced and replacing you every moment among peoples, places, things, whatever and wherever

M J Aslam
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jan 22 2018 10:54PM | Updated Date: Jan 22 2018 10:54PM

In the stillness of a wintry night, a Lodestone and an Iron-Bar were silently staring each other and lying slightly apart on a worker’s table in his lab, when the Lodestone broke the silence and said to the Iron-Bar: 

“You are magnetised, and do you still believe our attractions are identical to each other, and not different?”

 “Yes”, said the magnetised Iron-bar. 

The Lodestone chuckled over the answer of the Iron-bar and said: “you seem or feign to be innocent about your reality. You weren’t born with any attraction. Your attraction is only artificial by manual and mechanical means; it’s stolen from my touching; you are a lab-made magnetised-object that has been made to act and perform according to the needs of your user……….You haven’t any natural attraction like me, whilst I have naturalness in me to appeal, so I possess natural attraction of beauty”.  

“But you know, I too attract towards me, so am I not beautiful, too?”, asked the Iron-bar. 

The Lodestone snickered, laughed and returned with serious sally: “Beauty, which beauty, you talk about?”, and then continued: “all beauty in the world of humans and their personalities, places and their ambiences, things and their properties, meadows and pastures, water and land, flora and fauna, arts and crafts, cultures and customs, homes and its decors, the heavens and its celestial bodies, in brief, of every conceivable and perceptible thing in the universe, is known by its naturalness, spontaneity and simplicity that cause every eye look toward it, every heart thrilled with it, every mind think about it and every foot move in its direction……..”.  

“Wow, that means beauty, whatever and wherever, attracts attention by its natural appeal, is it so?, asked the Iron-bar.

“Yes,” confirmed the Lodestone.      

“But you and I are both without life!” the dismayed Iron-bar exclaimed.

“No, I have a life put into me by nature like all other naturally attractive persons, places and things but you are magnetised by artificiality to be like me, a naturalness. As robots and humans can’t be alike, how can we two, then, be the same?......The brass gilded with gold doesn’t become gold…….”, said the Lodestone.

“Ha-ha, forgotten? In this ever-changing mechanistic-technical world overrun with commercial considerations mostly, your naturalness, has become archaic and obsolete…. my artificiality has already taken over in the world, replaced and replacing you every moment among peoples, places, things, whatever and wherever …I’m the living reality of today, you are as dead as yesterday……..”, the Iron-bar spoke its mind that put an abrupt lid on the plain-speaking mouth of the Lodestone who was, though, neither boastful nor rude. It was, then, daybreak when first rays of the dim sunshine pierced the veil of darkness of the lab to illuminate it, defrost its frosty windowpanes and expose its night’s secrets. 


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