Dulat and Durani can share, discuss, and write jointly, why cannot the resistance movement share views with those on the opposite side

Er Rasheed
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 26 2018 12:24AM | Updated Date: May 26 2018 12:24AM
Dulat and Durani can share, discuss, and write jointly, why cannot the resistance movement share views with those on the opposite side

Only they can reveal how many innocents in Kashmir had lost lives through their covert operations, during the period when they served as intelligence chiefs in their respective countries. Yes I am talking about Mr. Dulat former RAW Chief and Mr. Durani former ISI Chief who are co-authors of a book released just few days back. No one can deny the significance of track two diplomacy which has been going on between India and Pakistan from time to time but the most objectionable and damn thing has been that Kashmiris who are worst sufferers, bone of contention and main party to the dispute are treated always as suspicious. When the book was being released Kashmiris were getting killed on both sides of LOC due to cross border shelling.

Indians and Pakistanis can hold candle light marches under banners like “Aman Ki Aasha” but Kashmiris cannot even celebrate their martyrs day in memory of those martyred on 13th July 1931, when India and Pakistan were not even born.

Mani Shankar Ayar and others like him can visit Pakistan at their will in the name of improving relations but ill fated Kashmiris cannot visit other side of the LOC to get back dead bodies of their beloved ones who may die due to natural illness or in some accident. Ex Chief Justice of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is being denied visa constantly but even Dr. Nirmal Singh receives a red carpet reception in Pakistan. How strange and painful it could be watching Indian and Pakistani parliament and even united nations discussing Kashmir on and off but the so called powerful assembly of Jammu & Kashmir doesn’t dare to discuss even killings or a political resolution within ambits of Indian constitution. Politicians, bureaucrats and journalists from both the countries can attend functions at each other’s embassies and greet each other but Kashmiris are very often the exception. Indians and Pakistanis can meet each other anywhere in the world and discuss Kashmir but Kashmiris can be summoned to police stations, intelligence offices and to NIA if they perform Haj or Umrah. Is it not strange that many political workers and police cops got killed in Kashmir at the hands of militants for being anti-movement and hundreds were eliminated through covert operations by security agencies for being anti-national but those who ordered every such killing or operation on either side of the LOC, do become fast friends, think tanks, Kashmir experts and track two diplomats to find so called peaceful resolution to the seventy year old dispute of J&K  once they retire from services. I am not cynical but the harsh reality is that majority of Kashmiris continue to suffer but many in both countries including few Kashmiris get benefited from not only status-quo, but from killings and uncertainty in Jammu & Kashmir. One may not wonder if Parvez Musharaf and his then Indian counterpart come up with a book tomorrow and make harsh revelations about Kargil war and release it at some impressive platform and receive huge compliments for becoming ambassadors of peace. This all is happening because while Kashmiris are losing everything since last thirty years, it has become huge industry for a powerful minority on both the sides including for few in Kashmir. It is by no way exaggeration that had vested interest not been there the Kashmir issue would never have even came into existence in 1947. None of the agreements in Tashkand, Shimla, Lahore besides UN resolutions worked because those benefited from the turmoil are powerful and have kept the entire sub-continent hostage for their vested interests. A free and fair  referendum will reveal that more than 80% people of entire sub-continent will vote for a resolution to Kashmir dispute according to the wishes of Kashmiris and if exploitation, distorting facts, provoking and lying is stopped, those seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute would get more benefited than those interested in status-quo, while seeking votes in general elections in India and Pakistan . It is for Kashmiris to decide how they want to resolve the Kashmir issue as they are the worst victims of conspiracies. If Dulat and Durani can do things of their choice and still become friends, for whatsoever reason, why cannot the warriors of resistance movement share views and cooperate with those on the opposite side. Let us confess that there is no track two consultations between leaders of different thoughts in Kashmir and that has been the reason why Kashmiris are busy in calling each other a traitor. Will the leadership in Kashmir wakeup and learn from happenings around them is a question which they must try to find answer.

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