A Letter from Asifa

Will justice really be done at last. I am watching

Mubashir Khadim
Srinagar, Publish Date: Apr 16 2018 11:01PM | Updated Date: Apr 16 2018 11:01PM
A Letter from AsifaFile Photo

I was an eight year girl who was raped, (raped? –what does that mean mamma?). But yes I know I was murdered. Those hefty men brought their vulturous hands over me. I am not going to tell you what happened after that.

Some aunty in your chair has said “justice will be delivered to Asifa”. Is she talking about me? Please Aunty. Thank you so much “Justice delayed is justice denied” Yes! I have learnt a lot. You made me to learn it. And not only this, but also the things that I should have learnt when I could grow old, which I didn't.

You know what? I met a few people here around this beautiful garden. Now they are my close friends. They are watching me writing this letter to your world. One introduced herself as Asiya (who is on my right) and another Neelofar (on my left). They say they were from Shopian in Kashmir and when they asked me where was I from. They told me they too were desecrated the way I was. I told them that I was yet in my mother’s womb that time. They were shocked to know my age in your world and the reason of my death. But I told them whatever I had heard about their murder; “A few days of Hartal followed by Curfew and that was it!” That is all the reverence our chastity and dignity is worth of. Later I met many more such friends who are drinking “Aab-e-Kauthar” on the nearby pond right now.

I will see what will those do who shout “Beti Bachao”(Save the girl child). You know there is a word in Urdu, “Ghin” “Ghin aati hain mujhe” (disgusted I feel); talking about you and your world gives me the same feeling.

I am ashamed to have ever lived around the people like you.

Recently when I was missing my family, an angle with white glowing burka appeared and asked me the reason of my gushing tears. Out bursting, I revealed it to him and he took me somewhere. He removed something like curtain from a small window; I saw a “herd” of people in a rally somewhere. I asked him what it was. He draped the curtain back, bowed his head and said, “They are protesting in favour of your rapists and murderers”.

I folded my knees and went into Sajda (prostration) and all the Hoors of The Heaven wailed some words from The Glorious Quran. All the Heavens were resonating, “Bal Hum Adal, Bal Hum Adal, Bal Hum Adal”. Enquiring about these words, whole the Verse was translated to me. “Already have We urged unto hell many of the jinn and humankind, having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not, and having ears wherewith they hear not. (These are as the cattle - nay, but they are worse! “Bal Hum Adal”) These are the neglectful.” (Surah Al-A’Araf  Verse 179.)

I do not want to prolong this letter further, for you have many much important things to do. You got to polish and shine your shoes. You got to get ready for your prestigious offices with your coats and ties on. You got to buy refrigerators. LED TVs and you have to buy all the extravagant items for your daughter’s/sons’ marriage. Your masons are waiting at the construction of your new mansion. You have to clean the dust on your luxurious cars. So please pardon me for I am holding you with my “unnecessary” words. But before I ask you for my everlasting leave, I only want to tell you something. Though your Maulanas may charge Fatwa against you, but don’t you worry, I have got the permission from my Lord for you all. Make a frame of my picture that you must have seen in which I, a small child of only eight was lying in the fields with those excruciating marks on my body with ragged clothes –DEAD! I serve you no purpose by it, but only a mirror to your conscience and of whole the humanity that has stooped to all the levels of savagery and silence.

You may please wrap all your (Un)lawful papers lying in your courts and offices. I have submitted my case with my Lord here. I am waiting for you. I know voices are being raised in my favour everywhere, but I am watching keenly as to whether justice will really be done or not. 




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