A Dharna a day….

If people can be noisy for their rights, how can they be so muted about their responsibilities?

Syeda Afshana
Srinagar, Publish Date: Sep 22 2018 9:11PM | Updated Date: Sep 22 2018 9:11PM
A Dharna a day….Representational Pic

Day in and out, we witness scores of protesting employees. From organizing rallies, sit-ins, dharna, chalo and gherao, we endlessly strive for our rights. We ask for the things promised to us. We convey our demands vigorously.

We display “hyper awareness” about our rights. However, the duties and responsibilities fastened unto us as employees are never negotiated. 

How much honest are we in our dealings towards our employer and our clientele? Do we actually pay our best when we demand for the best? Ironically, for questions like this, every one of us purports to have an individual answer. Again, an effortless way to shy away from crude realities about ourselves! For some, it is an ‘individual conscience’ (which is never ever defined) that matters, generalizations cannot implicate them. For them, general good is good but general bad is a personal abuse. Besides, many of us are knowingly and brazenly fine with what we do, and most of us try to convince ourselves by attributing our underperformance to varied reasons. The reasons may range from less perks to lack of facilities and incentives, and to say the least, to general absence of work culture…blah, blah. 

Of course, timely enhancement of wages and due promotions, better infrastructure and good facilities at our respective work places, and other issues, is our genuine right and we need to stress and ask for it from our employer(s). Especially, when we witness huge amount of budget being frittered on security bandobast of the State. However, delay in such initiatives never justifies poor outcome in our work or shirking the work altogether. 

Moreover, attributing our underperformance at workplace to a sort of joining the bandwagon of work-aversion culture is in no way a sane argument. If people can be noisy for their rights, how can they be so muted about their responsibilities? And then, the malpractices we dabble in while discharging our duties, don’t qualify our wanting attitude as a legitimate one. 

With thousands of highly qualified government teachers, the first choice to enroll our kid is a private school because of result-deficit from well-paid government teachers. In spite of having hundreds of doctors in public hospitals, we prefer private clinics and hospitals. Notwithstanding expansion in higher education sector, the quality teaching and research is still a distant dream. Despite a vast fleet of engineers and other workers, our roads and buildings, power and water, drainage and sewage disposal system speaks volumes of itself. Having public distribution cell on board, most of the ration cardholders buy their commodities from private shops. Many of us have to wait for months to years together to see our files forwarded or work done in public offices, if we don’t grease the palms. Many of us in government jobs do indulge in other private businesses and assignments during working hours. 

We are actually found goofing off while we should be attending to our duties. We procrastinate, sit idle, discuss politics, gossip, chat, tweet or do anything else but the real task. Had it been otherwise, it would have been reflected in the development indicators around us—be it roads building, safe environment, electricity generation, industrial growth, medical research or academic excellence. The dismal output itself smacks of our lack of work ethic. Majority of us have gradually turned into shouting slackers, the one who shy away from their work but loudly shout for their demands. More of shouters, less of workers!

Bottomline: If we have the employee unions, associations and groups to demand for their rights, out on streets every day, why can’t we monitor the functioning of our offices and institutions towards excellence? Why can’t we act as a pressure group for the individual(s) who are slackers or are dishonest with their job profile? No denying the fact that there are only a handful of true workers or employees who actually work and run the system while the majority is full of toadies and idlers. Associations and Unions need to make their offices and institutions deserving for their demands without playing politics for self-promotion. It is not just individual conscience, but collective effort that will do. Otherwise, a Dharna a day will continue to keep them labor away and render this place as Dharna Desh! 

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